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Vilnelio turgus


An initiative which seeks to revitalize the waterfront and join the debate about public spaces in Vilnius can offer. We invite you to attend this summer, have fun, read, observe, meditate or otherwise spend time on the river Neris - KultFlux Platform (arch. Skiezgelas Andrew, Martin and Alexander Nagel Kavanagh) embankment near Mindaugas bridge and the Energy Museum.

KultFlux program - music, visual arts, film and fashion shows, performances by young artists, Sunday markets, and a long debate Thursday night with live music and DJs. All of this - lots of action on the water. Also - an international design workshop, which will create functional art objects Neris. Paklaidžioti of artificial islands, dream išsidrėbus on massive sofas, enjoy the spectacular illuminated flying objects, bake a fat steak on the grill - the residents of Vilnius will be able to enjoy the autumn.

This initiative will provide additional color and cultural life of Vilnius will help revitalize the waterfront, which once existed in one of the largest urban center of attraction. Until recently, the very center of Vilnius, the river has been variously used - a place sielininkyste, swimming, flying small cargo and passenger vessel was even developed a unique method of energy production, the river carrying a small mills.

KultFlux goal - to help residents of Vilnius city again to tame the rivers and look at them differently. Our program - an open and changing. Come dayvauk, contribute your ideas - look back into the river!