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Kruizinių laivų terminalas

Klaipeda Vetrunge

Since ancient times, the seamen on board their vessels decorated various ornaments, and set sail mythological symbols. In most cases their purpose was to protect seafarers from the sea gods, or to gain success. But there are plenty of such characters, symbols, different and specific to each nation. Lithuanian shipping history of the most visible symbol of seamanship - kurenas weather vane. Each ship had a different weather vane, which was a distinctive identification mark is identified in the lagoon or at sea far away. In addition to the Administrative shipping labels vane of style found in abstract geometric patterns of meaning and purpose to our days is lost, but they certainly had an important function, which helped our ancestors iškęst biggest storms and happily reach their destination.

This project is a basic concept (image) - Klaipeda weathervane "- a clear and simple sign of the bay, its ideology besiriamentis deep edge of the Klaipeda maritime traditions.

Kinetic Facades

Klaipeda terminal in an office building - the main image of the bearer. 30-meter high and 40 meters wide at the terminal - a guide for incoming / outgoing passengers. The facade is covered with black construction profiles - window blinds. Moving the ship, heading in different fronts and looks like a live exchange of kinetic sculpture. Depending on the profile angle of an observer, the lighting and reflection effects facade pulse like a beacon, calling or goodbye to the passengers. Klaipedos Weathercock "will be attractive and meaningful in Klaipeda and the Curonian Lagoon mark memorable character, causing us to look incoming maritime history of the region of Klaipeda and the Curonian Spit unique cultural heritage.