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JP Architecture – is an established architectural and urban design service provider based in Lithuania.

Company's strength lies in many years of professional experience energized by youthful creative force of our selected employees.
Quality and reliability of JP Architecture was acknowledged internationally by clients in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Russia and neighboring Baltic states.

International experience provides us with comprehensive insight to real estate market trends.
Accumulation of diverse knowledge is our key principle achieving truly holistically sustainable architecture.

JP Architecture was founded in early 1991 when Lithuania gained
independence from USSR. The founders were group of engineers and
architects who held senior positions in soviet building trusts before
starting private business on-board of JP Architecture.
As certified project managers, they continue to direct and coordinate work of multidisciplinary teams of architects, urban designers, landscapers, technical and structural engineers.

CEO and principal partner of JP Architecture is Algirdas Kauspedas.
Businessman, certified architect, social activist, environmentalist and leader of still active Rock band “Antis”.

Strong leadership and management structure of JP Architecture was reflected in our unique working system.

JP Architecture is equipped with most recant high-end computer software and hardware solutions specially designed for scope of work we are doing.

Real-time work flow management of every party involved in the project enables us have precise control over time schedules.

We strive for our client to be always confident receiving his requests on time with quality overcoming his expectations.