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Bendras kvartalo vaizdas ir trijų bendruomenių kiemai

“Home Sweet Home!”

People say... What is Your slogan?

Designing residential houses we are driven by principle: to build a house you need hands, to make a home you have to put your heart.

Satisfied resident is goal of our architectural ambition.
When walking in developer’s shoes we recognize that location of site is for most important asset in creating real estate value.

As good cognac goes with coke so prime land shouldn't be spoilt by poor quality architecture.
Architecture creates aesthetics which on their behalf provoke emotions and often determine
decisions of potential property buyers.


Designing residential buildings we fallow 3 basic rules:

1. Building is harmonious synthesis of function, structure and beauty.
2. We want people to live better and happier
3. Build today having in mind tomorrow. Effective construction vs Efficient maintenance

If these principles are maintained we guarantee that Your building will gain value with time, will be desirable by market or even become a classical landmark in future.