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Real estate developer, MG Valda, upon approval of the VilniusMunicipality, initiated a former Lithuanian Film Studio's conversion project.Together with Lithuanian and foreign architects' team, led by AlgirdasKaušpėdo, five hectares of the site, it will become operational next year,an abandoned area into a modern housing block, which will be built in phases.

"Fir Terrace - the first construction phase. Prepared by the technicalphase of the project, received the construction permit to start construction work.

This will be a modern block of people who are now looking for or will soonlook at home in the exclusive location for an affordable price. Modernarchitecture house with a cozy terrace in one arises Antakalnisenvironment-friendly spaces. Home is to install the latest technologysolutions, enabling effective savings in the heat.

Apartments sizes vary - there are very large apartments are smaller. The first phase of the planned eight-storey building 4-6. Class B energyefficiency of buildings, drinking water filters, large terrace, enclosed areafor shooting a film, underground parking, access to stairways only fromthe courtyard.

We recommend that you download the PDF presentation of the project,which is presented in detail Antakalnis terrace block the project.