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Modern sports, entertainment and business center FORUM PALACE offers a wide range of services, who wishes to
spend their leisure time, we communicate, actively relax and work comfortably.
All forms of communication in one place - FORUM PALACE is the most important creators of the idea. Project authors
was a cozy home environment to move into new headquarters, to allow full calmly prepare for a new job
Day or weekend break.

Special attention to children - experienced professionals take care of child care and education. Sports Club Forum
running children's club champions. " Created a special program for children with posture,
pilnapadystės problems.

And sports and entertainment enthusiasts, and pasinėrusiesiems to work - all find what they need:
* Center for sport club forum;
* Sports fans are sports bar invites Allstars;
* Enjoy the food attracts both indoor and outdoor restaurant Terrazze;
* Free-liver waiting for a three-story amphitheater - Galaxy Entertainment Club;
* Business Center seminar, conference and banquet services, the five organizers of the conference rooms;
* Special hotel offers guests a unique privilege - offered a "VIP Club" member. A few facts about the FORUM PALACE:
* Center started construction in 1999 August, finished - 2002 December; JSC "Forum Palace" shareholders - Sarunas Marčiulionis and Dmitry Buriakas. The center invested 68 million.
* All five-storey building in the area - 18 000 m2;
* Three outdoor and two underground parking lots of storage capacity 500 cars;
* The largest entertainment and business center for the room - a three-storey hall amfiteatrinė events. There one can entertain up to 1,200 people.

The main architectural idea FORUM PALACE
FORUM PALACE new building marks the center of Vilnius, which the left bank of the Neris River, begins.
The specific idea of the building due to the unique architecture of the decision. Terraces resulting from increasing the volume directly
environment, the wave fronts of the river bend repeats, highlights the natural landscape character. Complicated transport
vortex unit, multi-dimensional and large-scale survey was dictated by a monumental and easy to remember, the same
material from all sides, but a concise and simple oval shape. Democracy gives plenty of glass,
sense of openness to the environment.

Inland there is a world outside, stay inside - directly at the perceived
only valuable panorama of the city, new buildings, but also the unique natural features.
The compact exterior of the building within the large open areas which their role and the division into zones
creates a whole mikropasaulį allowing separate but together and unite a controversial business, leisure
entertainment and recreation options. Multiple use of the building contrary to the daily routine. This underlines
expressive interior space, which in practical flow creates a unique atmosphere, cozy interior life
hipnotizuojantį its uniqueness, where the visitor according to their mood and needs to choose a camera or
open spaces.